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      We sell antiques

      Espresso links


      Kennewick, WA,
      2802 W 10th
      on corner of 395 & 10th,
      in ProLube building

      Richland, WA
      in front of Albertson's at
      on Leslie & Gage

    We sell Cravens Coffee, snacks, smoothies, a wide variety of teas, coffee and tea accesssories, and collectibles. We also carry the largest selection of syrups in the Tri-Cities, including 19 sugar free flavors.

    Daily specials, every tenth drink free, double punches on Tuesdays

    Our Menu

    Espresso A straight shot of coffee
    Americano Shots & very hot water
    Latte Shots, steamed milk
    Chai Spicey Indian milk tea
    Cappuccino Shots, steamed milk
    Granita Frozen slushy coffee or fruit drink
    Mocha granita Coffee granita , chocolate
    Smoothie Fruit flavored frozen slush
    Breve Shots, half & half
    Breve mocha Shots, half & half, chocolate
    Italian soda Club soda, flavor
    Italian cream soda Syrup, soda, half & half, whipped cream
    Hot chocolate
    Steamed milk
    Basic coffee
    Tea Iced or hot


    Weekdays: 5AM-7PM, Weekends: 7AM-7PM